Salaar Follows Animal’s Footsteps, Secures A-Certificate with 2hr 55min Runtime

Following closely on the heels of the controversial but commercially successful “Animal,” Prabhas’ action-packed “Salaar” has also received an A-certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). This decision has sparked discussions, with many wondering what might have pushed a Prashanth Neel directorial, known for its intense action but not necessarily graphic violence, into the A category.

While “Animal” faced scrutiny for its portrayal of the raw and animalistic nature of humans, including graphic violence, sexual content, and hunting sequences, “Salaar” presents a different puzzle. Known for his work on the “K.G.F.” franchise, which featured significant action but didn’t reach the A-certificate level, Prashanth Neel seems to have taken a more daring approach with “Salaar.”

Speculation suggests that the “Salaar” team might have opted not to edit out the scenes flagged by the CBFC, possibly due to their vital role in the narrative or the desire to retain the film’s raw intensity. This decision might have been emboldened by the success of “Animal,” which is currently raking in box office numbers exceeding 700 crores. With a proven audience for such content, the “Salaar” team might have felt safe taking the A-certificate route.

Adding to the buzz, the film’s runtime has also been revealed to be 2 hours 55 minutes, suggesting a packed and action-filled experience. This further piques the curiosity of fans, eager to witness the high-octane action promised by “Salaar.”

However, the A-certificate might come at a cost, potentially restricting the film’s reach among younger audiences. While the box office potential remains high, it will be interesting to see how “Salaar” navigates the challenges posed by its age restriction.

With its A-certificate and promising runtime, “Salaar” is undoubtedly generating significant pre-release buzz. Whether the film lives up to the hype and delivers an impactful cinematic experience remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the stage is set for a high-octane journey for the film’s intended audience.

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