Kantara2: A Prequel to the Epic Saga Begins Its Journey

The highly anticipated sequel to the Kannada blockbuster Kantara, titled Kantara2, is set to kick start its journey with a Pooja ceremony on November 27th. The Pooja marks the official commencement of the film’s production, with shooting scheduled to begin in December.

Kantara2, unlike its predecessor, will be a prequel, delving into the rich history and folklore that lies before the events of the first film. The story is set between 301-400 AD, a period rife with cultural and societal transformations.

Rishab Shetty, the visionary director and actor behind Kantara, has meticulously crafted the script for Kantara2, drawing upon extensive research and immersing himself in the historical context of the era. The film is projected to have a budget of over 100 crores, reflecting the grand scale and ambition of this cinematic endeavor.

Shetty’s dedication to the project is evident in his physical transformation. He has undergone rigorous training to embody the spirit and strength of the characters he portrays.

Kantara2 promises to be an epic cinematic experience, captivating audiences with its blend of historical intrigue, cultural richness, and action-packed sequences. The film is poised to further solidify Shetty’s position as a leading force in Kannada cinema and establish him as a formidable presence in the Indian film industry.

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