Indian 2: A Disappointing Teaser for a Long-Awaited Sequel

Indian 2 is an upcoming Tamil-language action thriller film directed by Shankar and starring Kamal Haasan as Senapathy, a vigilante who fights against corruption. The film is a sequel to the 1996 film Indian, which was a blockbuster hit and received critical acclaim. However, the teaser of Indian 2, which was released on October 2, 2023, has failed to impress the fans and critics alike. Here are some of the reasons why the teaser was a letdown:

  • Lack of continuity and space: The teaser shows that the film is set in 2023, which is 27 years after the events of the first film. However, this does not make sense, as Senapathy was already an old man in the original film, and he would be too old to continue his crusade against corruption in 2023. Moreover, the teaser does not give any hint about the plot or the characters of the sequel, and how they are connected to the original film. The teaser seems to be disconnected from the world and the tone of the first film, which was realistic and gritty.
  • Poor visual quality : The teaser also suffers from poor visual quality, as the color grading and the execution look dull and amateurish. The teaser looks like a low-budget TV ad, rather than a high-profile film. The CGI effects are also unconvincing. The teaser does not have any memorable or stunning visuals that would create excitement or curiosity among the viewers.
Teaser Snapshot
  • Unconvincing performance: Kamal Haasan, who is known for his versatile and brilliant acting, does not seem to be believable or charismatic as Senapathy in the teaser. His voice sounds good but his makeup does not look good or as good as the original film. The teaser does not showcase his acting skills or his screen presence, which are the main attractions of the film, hope in the original film there are enough space and makeup looks better.
  • Lack of impact: The teaser does not have any impact or appeal, as it does not have any solid or interesting scenes or dialogues that would hook the viewers. The teaser is too short and vague, and it does not reveal anything about the film. The teaser does not create any anticipation or hype for the film, unlike the teaser of Vikram’s I, which was launched in 2014 and was stunning and intriguing. The teaser of Indian 2 does not make the viewers want to watch the film or know more about it.
  • Inappropriate music: The teaser also features the music of Anirudh Ravichander, who is a popular and talented composer. However, his music does not suit the film or the teaser, as it is too modern and upbeat for a film that is supposed to be dark and serious. The music does not match the mood or the theme of the film, and it does not create any tension or suspense. The music of the original film, composed by A.R. Rahman, was more fitting and effective, as it was haunting and powerful.
Teaser Snapshot
  • Outdated comedy: The teaser also shows some shots which indicate some comedy scenes, which are supposed to provide some relief and entertainment. However, recently, in shankar films the comedy scenes are outdated and unfunny, and they do not blend well with the core story or the genre of the film. The comedy scenes are also clichéd and predictable, and they do not add any value or humor to the film. The comedy scenes are a distraction and a waste of time, and they do not suit the style or the vision of Shankar, who is known for his grand and innovative films. From some shots, the same feeling coming.
Teaser Snapshot
  • Cringe-worthy song visuals: The teaser also has some song visuals, which are supposed to showcase the romance and the chemistry between the lead actors. However, the song visuals are cringe-worthy and awkward, and they do not look appealing or romantic. The song visuals are also irrelevant and unnecessary, as they do not have any connection or significance to the story or the characters of the film. The song visuals are a misfit and a mistake, and they do not enhance or enrich the film.

These are some of the reasons why the teaser of Indian 2 was a disappointing and a disastrous attempt to promote the film. The teaser has received negative feedback and criticism from the fans and the media, and it has lowered the expectations and the excitement for the film. The teaser has also raised doubts and questions about the quality and the potential of the film, and whether it will be able to live up to the legacy and the success of the first film. The teaser of Indian 2 has failed to impress or satisfy the viewers, and it has done more harm than good to the film.

I really hope when the final film came out, results should be highly positive and one of the best shankar films and the sequel better than the original film.

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